Damn! girl! get that shit under control!

This is a blog about my twice daily trip to and from work onboard Seattle Metro bus 358, the 358 is known as north Seattle's most nefarious bus run. When the coach leaves I will be blogging as fast as my thumbs can type... so hop onboard and enjoy a run. your comments and bus experiences will be appreciated and responded to.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a thought from the frontlines of battlefield america

i was just thinking of one of the ramifications if the garbage men go on strike. it will be heady times to be a bumb in seattle with the 100s of tons of trash piling up and almost instantaneously there will be a shopping cart shortage as the various transient unions platoon them to collect the booty. for me the daily coach air quality report will become a grammar excercise finding the correct words to describe the ever increasing pungent odors eminating from our charges, and yes, the bumbs, transients, destitutes, red nose jims of the country are our charges if you like it or not, you work, you pay taxes and you pay them, its as simple as that. thats why i got no problem saying whatever i want about it

trancit center n goodnight

so sittin here waiting for my last bus, and this kid gets of a bus, and im a little confused with the gear he had on, a black trenchcoat over a peace symbol shirt, red n black fake designer sean john pants, some twenty dollar boots, long hair and 3 rings in his lower lip. im confused at what sort of look this kid was going for....then it all made sense when i saw he was getting of the bus from lynnwood

shorline is as to fred meyer as lynnwood is to value village

a couple of weeks ago i was in this freddys and some bumb ahead was returning not trying, returning a mangy set of sneakers, i tried to tell the girl that this cat had a brand new set off shoes on like just five fingered off the shelf, but to no avail. how come it is a bitch for working people to return stuff but the dude who will blow for beer can waltz in with a bag of garbage and get money.

whats this..... a new drinking establisment

tucked behind goldies casino, i see a sign for big balls billiards n bar, so seattles getting a new dick bar, probaly makes all the female viewers happy. i got to try this taco truck here in shoreline out sometime, got a thing for taco truck. approaching shoreline fred meyer, this could be trouble.....

115th home depot

looks like the economy is still diving as 15 guys waiting for work still this late in the day. later in the spring all be stopping off at some of the local establishment for happy hour, new material is always guaranteed. and here boards pedro, whos asking how much it is and where were going, cmon man. boy... those am some skeezers getting off the bus ahead.

and whats with this....

whats with this jade lounge place next to the taco shell, always a jag of unemployed dudes hangin out front, is it like a undercover homedepot where the white dudes go wait to get picked up to work, but i know why non of them r working, lazy white dudes r only certified to push a broom and beat their former wife. passing 105th, once again the bus ahead is picking up all the entertainment, ohh well, our day will come and their will be many of them.

day 3 evening commute

well got another unjacked coach, and mustang sully has set up shop in the back, im in the right mind to go request some credence, and i dont see how his mutt rates as a service dogg, it looks blind and possibly rabid, i note this as all the parents move there charges to the front to get away from the cretin, passing through our great north seattle crack district once again.....


mustang sully is here at the stop here on horora, gots his banjo going and the mutt looks new, got footage of this cat playin at the mardi gras riots, probaly roasted his old mutt for dinner

waiting to get this run started

down here on market street waiting at a stop occupied by a couple of nefarious cruisers begging for beer, behind us are a couple of transients lying on the side walk without a care in the world. now on route 44, a wallmart santa is in front haggling with a couple of earth 1st u district guys over benefits of medicinqal marijuana off course, one of the dudes got like a trombone case and three sacks of groceries, not much happenin here, but the 358 is just around the corner

wednesday afternoon commute forcast update

with the sun shining in most of the greater seattle region, coach overcrowding is expected to rise with increased deviant ridership leading to an air quality of mostly musty with a h1n1 virus index of over 50.

and in todays forcast.....

wednedays morning forcast is for mostly nocsious odors and an 80percent chance of zombies boarding your bus. wow, were really rollin, this driver means business, no better way than to cut down on the scourge factor than by having a brick foot. ohh look... theres menthol tom tryin to make the stop, to late, see ya sucker. looks like someone jacked the dollar tree last night front window all boarded up. at the black angus crack hotel stop, proceeding south, op.. old hairy marry just boarded at the cemetary, watch for cats climbing out of her bags people.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

day 2 evening commute

and the 358 pulls in, hate to say it, but the stormy weather keeps the freaks out of sight, looks like another uneventfull ride, holding out hope for some action as we pass through 85th n. the greater north seattle crack district and then theres always the prostitution corridor between 115th and 145th, generaly the pimps r rousting there charges around now

the methadone express

its always a treat when a pack of degenerates just out from morning methadone treatment wich consists of taking their prescribed dossage to keep them high all day, boards the morning bus, its like a crew of drunken sailors singing n sluring stories of granduers long since pasts. always good to know my tax dime is contributing to this

Monday, March 29, 2010

unjacked bus secured

fortunatly this monday evenings commute looks to be smooth sailing as got onboard the coveted 3rd bus of 3, with the two ahead running interference on all possible mutiple wheelchair lifts and grocery carters with 6 bags of alpo brand, i should be on schedule for my transfer to community transit at horora village. all is subject to change at any stop though, for example toothless john and the queen or aurora could board, but will save that for the ride it happens on, but in a change of events, some of the highly talkitive wellfare people just sat down across the aisle, lets see if i can pic up on the othersides vibe

im on hold here by woodlaw

when connecting with bus 358 nortbound in the afternoon, the metro bus finder app is the only way to go if you prefer to not breath in the stench of 30plus derelicts and enjoy being offered the random sip of busch lite from dago frank. northbound 358s come in packs of two with a third bus trailing a few minutes behind, the key to the bus finder is getting on the 3rd 358 that well eventually pass up the two first ones that r overloaded to the gills with every case of destitution as possible, thus im on hold here by woodlawn park waiting for a bus not filled with sheep

Hot n Schweaty

what compels a driver to have the heat jacked up to 85degrees on humid morning in a driving rain storm. by the of a uneventful 25minute ride i was drenched in sweat wondering what sort of festering germs i had breathed in. fortunatly i made it through shoreline before the morning batch of methadoners got on board, a plus. but really, does anyone not living at the bus stop like a 85 degree sauna on the way to work?

Friday, March 26, 2010

and I almost forgot, the journey will begin, 6:00am monday morning pst
I take metro bus no. 358 five days a week, heading south from aurora village in the morning and heading north in the evening. I've taken what seattle metro has to offer for 28 years, I was ten when I was allowed to ride the bus alone, and its all been downhill since. The buses, the drivers and the timeliness have never improved, I speculate today-that is the way they want it-why give the people that actually ride daily high hopes for improvement that will never come?

So, on the request from several individuals who receive my texts about the nefarious situations I witness n experience with my own eyes on bus no. 358. I have been compelled to blog about it so anyone who is interested can read the horror.

All fellow commuters remarks and thoughts will be enjoyed and appreciated. Thank god for the improved wireless technology, I would have quit my job long ago if I didnt have internet while I commute.

Hopefully this blog will help us find the sanity in the taxes we pay and the sacrifices we make by commuting via bus when the destitutes of america that our taxes pay for ruin it for us