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This is a blog about my twice daily trip to and from work onboard Seattle Metro bus 358, the 358 is known as north Seattle's most nefarious bus run. When the coach leaves I will be blogging as fast as my thumbs can type... so hop onboard and enjoy a run. your comments and bus experiences will be appreciated and responded to.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

105th n Horora Ave N.

And there he is... Snow Suit, Is In The House! Sporting his tried n true summer gear, Steve is working his usual evening spot in front of the golf shop, shaking down the east bound traffic for some change. Today it looks as if he's rolled out a much bigger sign that appears to be hanging from his neck by a makeshift harness. Don't see any real action as we pass by, but one thing is certain.. that cat needs a makeover, maybe shave him up and outfit him with a all-terrain wheelchair or scooter or somethin. As the summer months are a down time of the year for Steve, I'm sure he yearns for the rain, sleet n snow of the winter, the sure bum sympathy card play.

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