Damn! girl! get that shit under control!

This is a blog about my twice daily trip to and from work onboard Seattle Metro bus 358, the 358 is known as north Seattle's most nefarious bus run. When the coach leaves I will be blogging as fast as my thumbs can type... so hop onboard and enjoy a run. your comments and bus experiences will be appreciated and responded to.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Northbound with the trailer trash.... bus 358

This thunderous thighed fat greenwood high graduate and her mothy looking girlfriend who has some dumb ass punkass moron hanging on her are clogging up the middle of the coach... and I just can't help to overhear their conversation that barely passes as english... So apparently thew hefty bag has a thing for the mothy looking one, to the effect that she just offered to do another three way tonight if they would stay over... Allright! I've heared enough! 3 way trailer trash manouvers are not something I would ever want to be forced to witness, the suggestion off it is bad enough, with these three it would be like Earnest takes a ride on Ugly Betty down the Log Jam at Magic Mountain, and he does get thrown from the log on this ride. Well atleast they have moved up front as they got the drift that the text I'm typing is about their sorry asses.

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