Damn! girl! get that shit under control!

This is a blog about my twice daily trip to and from work onboard Seattle Metro bus 358, the 358 is known as north Seattle's most nefarious bus run. When the coach leaves I will be blogging as fast as my thumbs can type... so hop onboard and enjoy a run. your comments and bus experiences will be appreciated and responded to.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Shoreline Ghetto Boys Have Left the Bus

As the trailer park princes get off the bus and run like idiots into oncoming traffic just to go into Jack in the Box, the rest of us breath a sigh of relief and gather ourselves from the free comedy show, and what made it worse.. was that they picked up a couple of tubs that were really into them, someone please have these people fixed or we are well on the path detailed in Idiocracy, if further retard breeding is allowed in trailer parks and trash dumps....

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