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This is a blog about my twice daily trip to and from work onboard Seattle Metro bus 358, the 358 is known as north Seattle's most nefarious bus run. When the coach leaves I will be blogging as fast as my thumbs can type... so hop onboard and enjoy a run. your comments and bus experiences will be appreciated and responded to.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

and over at the 7-11 on 11th n Leary way...

noticing the SPD donning riot gear, the mass of bums is dispersing, its looks like a shopping cart demolition derby down here as everyone is jockeying for position at the crosswalk at 11th n Leary ave N. On my way into 7-11 I have to negotiate piles of vomit and the random drunkard sleeping it off in the shadow of the red box video rental machine.. And.. ohh shit! Tony is pouring a 40 ouncer into the soda machine, Habib, who is manning the register is oblivious to this.. and Bill hands Tony another 40 of Ranier to add to the drink selection. So its gonna be like Super Beer Gulps today at 7-11, I may just have to get the big beer bite combo today! And now a boisterous red faced drunk enters the store and asks if he can use the bathroom, Habib says he'll buz him in, as this happens a couple of destitutes sneak into the beer locker.... I go to the back to investigate. Yep, there in there and they went strait for the flats of budweiser, its a festival of foam and shotgunning, and Snowsuit wanders in... with the funk of a drunken BBQ trot, he proceeds to the hotdogg bay and asks Habib for two big bites. after loading the two doggs up with chili n cheese I witness him slam a couple of bags of chips into his suit along with the mandatory pack of jerky, wow! he already gots one of those doggs down-with cheese n chili smattered in his mangy head suit. Now he five fingers a can of pork n beans.. DAMN! "this boy likes his protein" considering the work conditions at his job site, I'd be grubbin down on food like that two. So he's checking out and Habib rings him up for two doggs for a total of $1.79, Steve's like "HEY MAN!... I ONLY GOT ONE DOGG HERE!" he then fumbles through his change and produces 79 cents he proclaims "DONT MESS WITH ME MAN... THIS IS ALL I GOT!", Habib with a raised voice starts belloring about how the homeless should get a job.. Steve retorts with "MAN.. I FOUGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY IN THE NAM MAN... YOU RAGHEADS WOULDN'T EVEN BE HERE IF IT WASN'T FOR GUYS LIKE ME!" and walks out. This is fucking classic, this 7-11 gets jacked so often its like the FREE-11! So Steve is wandering off and I'm just thinking about the shotgun fest going on in the back cooler so I go back to take a peek. Check it out, these bums got a chick back there now and one of them is getting sucked off on a stack of budweiser cases, his patner looks like he is jerking off in the corner to this, dont spill your beer buddy! and I'm gonna get outta here, walk out and the riot squad is parked outside. Considering the vagrancies off this whole situation, I think its time to make Habib's day and see my tax dollar at work.. so I tip off Sgt Slaughter, who's all jacked up getting to don his tactical gear, that a couple of bums r in the back cooler, and I proceed off to a secure location to view the show. And Flash Bang, it sure as hell looks like Sgt Slaughter and his crew tossed a flash bang into the cooler, ooff! Habib just lost his turban as he ran out, ha ha ha... All of a sudden the SPD S.W.A.T. van careens in! I'm hearing the old school SWAT theme right now. And they throw Habib to the ground like he's the suspect.. Fucking Classic! now the first guys in are hauling out the shell-shocked derelicts as an ambulance pulls in... WOW! holy smokes! what a mess, I'm getting out of here. and back up to the 358 I go...

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