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This is a blog about my twice daily trip to and from work onboard Seattle Metro bus 358, the 358 is known as north Seattle's most nefarious bus run. When the coach leaves I will be blogging as fast as my thumbs can type... so hop onboard and enjoy a run. your comments and bus experiences will be appreciated and responded to.

Friday, April 16, 2010


And with this win I run up my streak to 22 games without a loss at SAFECO FIELD when attending and not being ejected during the game! I'm proud of this 22 game win streak and I got a road win along the way at Dodger Stadium to bring my streak to 23games without a loss when watching the Mariners play with my own eyes. And now... to a recap of the deviance that transpired inside the SAFE earlier tonight. As we hanged above the bullpen most of the game as we scored $15 dollar nosebleed seats from a sappy smellin scalper on Occidental just after 1st pitch, the bullpen was the place to be when one considers I dont sit upstairs at SAFECO unless its the Club, Suites, or front row of the nosebleeds. So just moments ago... just about at the final pitch, were hanging next to the FOX SPORTS NW Pit above the bullpen bar, Brad Adam n Kreuger take their seats for the post game show and... Brad starts digging voraciously in his right nostril... and yes... he did save the home viewing audience from the horror of the seeing in high definition thehair he extracted. And for those of you wondering about the two red necks I rode on the bus earlier with, Yes they were seen at the game. Texas and Ranger were seen putting an ole fasion ho-down on a group of bullpen tramps in the lower bullpen bar around the 2nd inning, the hilarity of it all was these bullpen tramping regulars were posing with those two 'dudes' for pics for their own comedy relief, Texas n Ranger were soaking it all in with dreams of getting some action in Seattle, then they went to show-off their athletic prowness at the speed pitch, Ranger at the urging of the kids in line attempted a major league wind-up and ripped out his crotch while Texas shamed the Moyer family with a battery of wild 40 mph sinking balls. After all this the girls managed to get these two 'studs' to purchase them several rounds of drinks with a few hugs and smiles. I saw Texas n Ranger getting beer thrown on them from a passing Dodge Truck a few minutes ago while they were waiting at a bus stop on 1st Ave.. alone. THE MORAL TO THIS STORY - dont go to the ballpark dressed for midget tossing and auto racing GEAR! And to further deviance at the ballpark, as we proceeded around the main concourse during the third inning, I noticed an obvious street transient loading ketchup, mustard and relish up into baggies at one of the condomint dispensors. HOW PATHETIC! Where are the ushers when deviance of this nature is going on, taxpaying, ticket buying, baseball fans do not want to have to negotiate with a bum to get to the condomint machine, so they can put some mustard on their dogg. I proceeded to make sure I gave the above mentioned deviant a healthy nudge as I passed by only to hear "hey buddy, watch where your going" as I continued on... Then after spending and consuming the rest of my SAFECO 2010 drink budget, I went into a flooded restroom with tossed over garbage cans n flooded urinals clogged with rolls of TP. So now, the punk-ass youth of our country is allowed to mess up baseball. My Question is... why is security always watching me, making sure I dont heckle an opposing player to intelligently and not making sure drunks dont go deface the restrooms at my ballpark that yes, I did help to pay for through taxes. Anyways... didnt have to take a bus home or anything as I met up with my lovely girlfriend for the game and we are currently on our way north on the 5. So have an exccellant friday night Seattle, and remember... when the bum asks you for some of your money that you worked for, you say "I'm a little short today, can you loan me nine dollars for a beer, that be great" upon saying that you will see one of the funniest looks of confusion. thats what this blog is all about, taking our sidewalks back from the destitute, after all... dont we pay taxes that go to the financing of keeping the streets n pavement clean n maintained. That brings me to another thing I witnessed tonight, on the way to the game I saw literally 3 to 5 thousand people who are living under the Alaskan Way Viaduct, shouldn't they be taxed, as we workers pay the taxes that maintain the roof over their heads...

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