Damn! girl! get that shit under control!

This is a blog about my twice daily trip to and from work onboard Seattle Metro bus 358, the 358 is known as north Seattle's most nefarious bus run. When the coach leaves I will be blogging as fast as my thumbs can type... so hop onboard and enjoy a run. your comments and bus experiences will be appreciated and responded to.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

at Oaktree Village...

The bus shelter at Oak Tree Village is occupied by what looks like... 'the hillbilly's from Deliverance' no joke. There just sitting there sunning their bellies oblivious to a thing. And passing through 105th I see no sign of SnowSuit Steve, somethin must be up, he don't leave his spot wide open like this very often, and he's gone missing from it quit a bit recently, I wonder if he could be shacking up with someone, it sure isn't like him to cut out of work early. And in front of the Home Depot, a sign of the tough economy, today there's atleast 25 workers still waiting to get picked up, hmmm...

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