Damn! girl! get that shit under control!

This is a blog about my twice daily trip to and from work onboard Seattle Metro bus 358, the 358 is known as north Seattle's most nefarious bus run. When the coach leaves I will be blogging as fast as my thumbs can type... so hop onboard and enjoy a run. your comments and bus experiences will be appreciated and responded to.

Monday, April 5, 2010

a report from 15th n Market NW

Today a flotilla of wasted transients r playing king of the bus shelter and the wingman is down. Six of them passin around a forty while their partner lays passed out in the fetal position.. using hobo bills boot as a pillow, what a pathetic sight. And we got a crack queen bording the bus, she totally just cut off this old lady that I'm helping up the steps. Now I'm sitting in back across from this grizzly adams looking bumb, and.... he's bitching about the cold weather, should send him to texas. Now he's tryin to be gardening with cisco, comenting on every yard we pass, its long since pasts this deviants day, the gardening he does is sleep in them.

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